Our journey of discovery.

Commons is a natural wellness brand on a mission to improve physical, mental, and financial health.

Meet Tahira and Pat

Tahira was drawn to hemp and cannabis after watching her grandfather’s battle with cancer and her mother’s quest to find alternative treatments to ease his suffering. After going down a research rabbit hole, Tahira jumped into the cannabis industry in 2014 with a goal to close the gaps in access, education, and opportunity and a belief that hemp and cannabis can have a positive impact on society.

overcame his initial skepticism of CBD when he used it to help his body recover from multiple ACL injuries and support his active lifestyle. He is passionate about sharing his personal story with others to help them improve their physical health through the power of CBD.

‍Together, we are building Commons because we found something that improves our lives and the lives of people we love, and we want to share it with everyone.

So why Commons?

Well, in our quest to spread the good word, we found that the market is a little broken. CBD’s growing popularity without reliable information and clear regulations has created a trust gap.

We can fix the trust gap with the help of our community - people like you. We support our community by providing trustworthy information and resources for everybody. Click here to meet the Commons Medical Advisor, who's helping us lead the way with education and trust.

Commons is built with a relationship-driven distribution model where Commons Ambassadors can provide guidance towards the right products for each customer’s needs and correct misinformation. We know that consumers want to give their business to people they know and trust, so we’ve combined meaningful customer relationships with better technology to continuously deliver something that keeps getting better.  


Our product philosophy?
Meet you where you are.

All of our products are developed with you in mind. Would you prefer a faster effect from an oil that dissolves under your tongue or a slower and longer effect from a gummy you digest? Do you feel better from taking pure CBD without any other compounds from the hemp plant or full spectrum CBD which includes other parts of the plant? Are you trying to target a specific area of your body with a topical product?

Commons Ambassadors are prepared to help you answer those questions, and our line of products is designed to serve you no matter where you are in your own CBD journey.  

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