There's a reason why Grandma's remedies are passed down generation to generation.


A person who advocates for a brand or product

What is a Commons Ambassador?

When something improves our lives, we naturally want to share it. Have you ever mentioned a great product to a friend or found something life-changing from the recommendation of someone you knew? If you’re loving Commons, you might already be out there shouting it from the rooftops and sharing it with others. Enroll as a Commons Ambassador to earn some cash doing it! (Click here to see how you can earn.

Why become a Commons Ambassador?

The CBD market can be confusing and mysterious, which can make it difficult for many folks to find their “CBD sweet spot.” Commons Ambassadors get the privilege of guiding people through it. Using their own unique experiences and resources from Commons, Ambassadors have the trust and information they  need to connect people with products that help them feel their best.

Earn up to 40% sales commission on customer sales you facilitate. When you develop, coach, and lead a team of other Ambassadors, you have the opportunity to unlock even more earnings. 

And, as an Ambassador, you get to be part of a big team that shares a simple goal: to help everybody feel their best.

Why now?

We are a new company, founded by veterans of the cannabis and CBD space, backed by Thrive Capital, and led by experts in leading brands and direct selling companies. Anyone who joins as a Commons Ambassador now, during our pre-launch phase, will forever hold the title of “Founding Coach.” Founding Coaches will enjoy exclusive perks and benefits, unparalleled access to the Commons HQ team, and the opportunity to share their input as we develop new products and resources for future Ambassadors.

How will Commons support you?

Ambassadors get knowledge, tools, and programs that help you share CBD and grow your business organically. From community wellness events to access to industry leaders, we’re here to support you reaching your full potential.

Is this right for you?

Each Commons Ambassador has their own reason for joining. Do any of these sound like you? If so, we think you’d make a great Ambassador.

- A trusted member of your community - someone others come to for advice or opinions
- A natural sharer - the first one to tell your friends about the new restaurant or product you just tried
- An appreciation for alternative approaches to wellness - you know “health” can have more than one meaning
- A passion for helping others feel their best, whether you look for small ways to brighten others’ days or do it full-time as a caretaker or health practitioner 
- An affinity for physical wellness - you love your active lifestyle
- A believer in the power of community to help us all feel better - your team means everything to you
- A people person - you love meeting and connecting with new people
- A person whose life has been positively impacted by using CBD (and wants others to experience it, too!)

Ready to go?

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